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Nearly forgot about this it was so long ago……completed a commission for The New York Times T Magazine back in 2009 and only today have a realised they published it late last year in T Design Fall 2010. Now the task is trying to get my hand on a back issue…..hhhmmmm.
Here’s a couple of screen grabs of the issue

or view it here—-page 81

Fly Away Home @ SIT

After a long week of pinning and threading, I finally completed Fly away home, but not without the pinning expertise of my boyfriend, who I ended up roping in last minute to help me meet the deadline. So before  I commence showing you the finished piece, I would like to say a big Thank You to Zac. Other people I would like to thank are the staff at the Museum in the Park, Lizzi Walton and also Imelda Hughes for accompanying me to the opening of SIT, introducing me to a lot of lovely people and making it an altogether more fun experience.
So without further ado, here’s some images of Fly away Home which is part of the Exhibition WORDPLAY at the Museum in the Park, Stroud. 

Other artists involved in Wordplay are Jessica Turrell, Tilleke Schwarz, Clyde Olliver, Lynn Setterington and Lauren Steeper.
Visit Stroud International Textiles for more information on the exhibition
Show runs until the 22nd May

Stroud International Textile Festival

Working locally this week in the lovely Museum in the Park in Stroud, installing a piece called Fly Away Home, for Stroud International Textile festival which opens this Saturday 30th April.

So heres the draft drawing of FLY AWAY HOME I hope to complete by Saturday…….the final piece will be 8m x 4m
And heres some images from the gallery today……. getting through it…. 

 obvoiusly the lighting has to be adjusted

More images of the completed piece later in the week……provided I get it completed on time that is…….
And remember to check out SIT, theres loads of exhibitions, talks, seminars workshops etc spread over the month of May in lovely Stroud and the surrounding area.

Drawing with Thread

After a week working on site at Shire Hall Gallery, heres the result

 And check this out……..a big thank you to Rich, Phil and Tom for creating this video

Exhibition runs until the 1st May…….catch it before you miss it!!!

Drawing with Thread……the install

Installing Drawing with Thread at the Shire Hall Gallery, Stafford……………final photos and video coming soon!

I’ll have the final photos in just a mo!!!!!